Regions - The Justicar Zone

Galaxy Regions

The Justicar Zone (Green) is a mostly autonomous region, though its interests are more in line with the Coreward and Old World regions (compared to The Solaaran Empire). Here the society believes almost universally in the rule of law, and their representative democracy works extremely efficiently for them. They are a military state, often contracted to dispatch to other regions of the galaxy to keep the peace.

The Justicars has a tenuous border with The Solaaran Empire, and maintain a cold war with them. Both sides disapprove of the others' beliefs and methods, though not enough to spark all-out war. When they skirmish, it is usually over misunderstandings and isolated resource disputes. The Justicar's government is mostly in agreement to keep peace with the Solaarans, but some of the Empire's more militant factions are itching for a fight &emdash; and their proximity to the border with the Justicar Zone keeps tension in those areas pretty high.