Regions - The Solaaran Empire

Galaxy Regions

The Solaaran Empire (Yellow) is loosely ruled by a figurehead god-king whom the denizens revere as a reincarnated embodiment of "The Canon" (the first human). Mostly autonomous compared to the rest of the Galaxy, there are many sub-factions which all have the same religion but have key disagreements on certain aspects.

The Solaaran zealots abhor the capitalist greed of the Coreward regions, and their more militant sub-factions are on the brink of staging terrorist incursions into the Core. Other sub-factions are more benevolent, some clandestinely fueling the unions to attempt to topple the capitalist megacorporations from inside.

While not strictly a military state, Solaarans have had a history of defending themselves from religious prosecution, and have developed a universally battle-hardened society as a result. If all the factions were to unite their military power, they would easily overpower the combined forces of the rest of the Galaxy (though Galactic conquest is only the goal of a small handful of the one or two dozen Solaaran factions).