Ship Stats

Primary Stats:

Shorthand Full Name Description
acc Accuracy Increases chance to hit and crit (deal max damage)
dmn-dmx Damage Damage Min to Damage Max
shp Shield Hitpoints When reduced to 0, attacks begin damaging armor. Recharges % each turn.
ahp Armor Hitpoints When reduced to 0, the ship is defeated (and destroyed, in Deep Space Missions).
cap Capacitor Each action uses a certain amount of Capacitor Charge. Recharges % each turn.
pwr Power Amount of power produced by reactor
rsv Resolve Amount of morale damage caused per turn.
mor Morale When reduced to 0, negotiations have failed. Recharges % each turn.
crg Cargo Space In cubic meters. When filled, gathering mission is completed.
spd Speed Determines initiative and km traveled per turn.
sig Signature Percentage representing how likely the ship is to be detected.
eva Evasion Reduces enemy's effective acc

Secondary/Derived/Temporary Stats:

Shorthand Full Name Description
dmt Damage Type Int relates to damage Type
dmb Damage Bonus Flat bonus to damage dealt (usually temporary).
shr Shield Recharge % of shield recharge per turn
chr Capacitor Recharge % of capacitor recharged per turn
mhr Morale Recharge % of morale recharge per turn